Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm sick of hearing about Lebron James!

Ok ... I get it! A really good basketball player who grew up in Ohio and played professional basketball for his "hometown" team has decided to sign and play elsewhere. This happens in every sport on almost a weekly basis.

LeBron James has played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for the past seven years. There's no doubt about it ... the man can ball! He led the Cavs to the league's best regular season record in more than one season, but he never won a NBA championship. When his contract was up last month, he decided it was time to move on. All-in-all, no big deal but Lebron, the state of Ohio, the Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and the national media made it a big .... huge .... giant ... spectacular deal!

The self proclaimed "King James" turned his personal contract into a world-wide, multi-media circus event. ESPN actually made a special out of his signing and when James announced he was signing with the Miami Heat to play with Dwane Wade and Chris Bosh, the sports world went crazy! James couldn't do it like every other sports star ... nooooooooo, he had to stretch things out, meet with Wade & Bosh and put on a media event!

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert called James everyname in the book and said things that only fans should say. He ended up receiving a $100,000 fine for the NBA. My question is why??? Gilbert has the right to his opinion. He signed (and paid) King James millions of dollars, gave him special perks that other superstars only dream of and molded him into the player he is today. He even built the team's new workout center in a location that was close to James' home to keep him happy. He said the things his fans were all saying and many other people were only thinking!

How did Lebron repay his boss and his hometown fans? He left the team high and dry .... Gilbert only found out where he was signing by watching the same ESPN special you and I watched! To make matters worse, he also talked Cavaliers center Zydrunas Ilgauskas into leaving Cleveland (after spending his entire 12-year career in the Buckeye State) and join him in South Beach! The Cavs are now depleated and in trouble.

What ever happened to loyalty? I guess I am "old school" ... if I was Lebron I would have wanted to finish the job I started in Cleveland. They came so close and only needed a player or two to win it all. Lebron could have been voted Mayor of Cleveland or possibly Governor of Ohio ... he was that well loved in the area. Now, he will be remembered as a "judas and traitor".

The Rev. Jesse Jackson managed to stick his nose in the Gilbert -v- James battle and said the Cleveland owner treated James like a slave. Come on Jesse, don't be a such a stupid, racist asshole! Keep your one-sided opinions to yourself and stop trying to make everything a race issue. This was about winning championships and making money ... it had nothing to do with being black. I honestly think you are one of the biggest racists in America today and you say things just to get your name in the press. Your statements do nothing but piss off people on both sides of the race issue ..... you honestly make me sick!

Being born in Toledo, Ohio, I am a closet Cavalier fan. My favorite team in naturally the Orlando Magic but I do have a soft spot for the Cavs. That will not change but I can tell you one team I WILL NOT root for and that's the Miami Lebron Heat!