Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Oil Spill and The USA's Only Friend!

Every body is pissed off at BP Oil and the oil spill that is ruining the Gulf of Mexico. BP (and the rest of the oil industry) are all a bunch of money grabbing, millionaire bastards that don't give a shit about the gulf, the ecology or life itself. As long as they are banking bucks ... they are happy.

I could go on and on about BP Oil and how much I hate what they are doing ... or in this case not doing ... to stop the oil leak. But I want to talk about another item that pisses me off as much as BP does!

Nobody helps the world more than the USA. If there is an earthquake, a tidal wave, a bombing or any type of catastrophe, we are always there to help out. Now, the tables are turned and here is what has happened. Approximately 22 nations have offered to help America with technical experts, boom and oil-collecting skimmers. HOWEVER ... the State Department has confirmed that every one of the 22 countries (with the exception of Mexico who has offered containment boom at no charge) wants the USA to reimburse them for any costs they incur. SAY WHAT ?????

Here are a few examples of what the United States has been offered by other countries. The f*ckin Brits (where BP Oil id headquartered) said they would SELL chemical dispersants and containment boom. Israel (who we have bent over backwards for the past 50+ years and who receives $3-billion per year in military aid) said it would send containment boom, IF the US paid for it. China also offered containment boom for a price (the US spends roughly $30-million in foreign aid to China each year).

Vietnam offered a ship with oil-collecting sweep arms if we paid for it. I guess the $102-million that we have spent in aid to Vietnam since 2008 isn't enough! France (do I really have to say anything about the damn French?) offered to send chemical dispersants for a price. Kenya (who received $24-million in humanitarian aid last year) will also send boom if we pay for it.

Add Croatia (the USA gave the country $50,000 to buy firefighting equipment in 2007), Romania (we donated another $50,000 in 2008 for emergency flood assistance) and Russia (which received $70.5-million in 2009 and $78-million in 2008 in aid) to the list of countries that have offered their help with a price tag.

I'm so damn pissed .... when will our country ever learn????? Take care of ourselves and let the rest of the world defend for themselves. Who made us the planet's guardian and parent? Let countries earn our friendship and help. Congratulations to Mexico for proving their friendship and deserving our financial aid. Plug the damn hole, tell BP Oil and England to f*ck off and take care of American soil!