Monday, February 22, 2010


Nothing gets me pissed off more than insurance companies. Take a look at any downtown skyline ... they are filled with bank buildings and insurance buildings - the two organizations that stick it to the people on a daily basis!

Why can insurance companies stop selling home owner policies in Florida, yet they can still sell auto and life insurance in our state? Why can these same companies say "it cost us too much in Florida IF A HURRICANE WOULD HIT, so we no longer want to take that chance? They would rather just sell home owners insurance in Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas and other "safe states". And they would rather sell "guranteed profitable insurance" such as auto and life. I say BULLSHIT !!!!

Instead of these giant, multi-million dollar conglomerates picking "safe states" why not have all home owner insurance policies be based on a national basis instead of a state-by-state basis? If you are in the home owner insurance business, you need have policies available to ALL Americans, in ALL 50 states. Why punish people in Florida, California and other states? What these companies would lose in hi-risk states, they would make up for in low-risk states. An American should not get punished because he/she lives in Florida!

I don't even want to talk about health insurance because that is another problem that seems beyond repair. Between lawsuits, government intervention and flat out insurance company greed ... only the rich will be able to afford health insurance. The big problem is people between the ages of 50 and 65. It seems that once a person reaches the half-century mark, things starts going bad! If you don't have some type of personal insurance (until you reach 65 and medicare steps in) you could be in big trouble! This is not the way things should be for middle aged people. This is not "The American Dream" and I would venture to say numerous people lose their retirement funds due to bad health during these "in between" years.

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