Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Felix Camacho is an idiot!

Stupid people piss me off. Now I'm not saying I'm smarter than the average person, but I try not to be stupid in my day-to-day life. Yesterday I stayed in a Best Western Hotel and the air conditioner didn't work all night long. Now it was only 50 degrees outside, but it was very hot inside my room. When I checked out I walked up to the counter. When the lady asked me how was my stay, I said I had a problem with the air conditioner and my room was hot. I was polite and nice.

A gentleman standing next to her looked up at me and said "It was cold outside, you didn't need the air conditioner last night". I looked at him and replied, "Yeah you're right, I should have slept with my door opened to cool things off". He looked at me and walked into a back office. At that time I also told the clerk that the refridgerator was leaking and the carpet was wet. She didn't blink an eye and I started to get pissed. At that time I realized the man who gave me the smart ass "you don't need the A/C remark" was actually the hotel general manager. I asked the clerk to get him and she said he was busy.

Now, I'm getting hot! I demanded that she get him and only when another person opened the door did I scream loud enough to get his attention. I asked him to explain his "smart ass" remark and asked him how he got to be the GM handling customer problems that way. I also told him about the leaking refrigerator. He looked at me and insisted he did nothing wrong. He then started to walk back into his office, raised his arm and made a fist at me. I exploded and really started screaming then! How dare this little piss-ant of a manager raise his fist at me and talk to me that way.

After all was said and done, and after he insisted he didn't raise his fist, he semi-apologized. He talked down to me and said, "you can always complain about me on our website." You can bet your ass I am in the process of writing to Best Western and reporting this bozo.

I go out of my way to stay at Best Western Hotels as they advertise with my magazine Full Throttle. I have never had a bad experience until this idiot manager. I still love Best Western Hotels and I will stay in one every opportunity I have. If you are reading this blog, please do not get mad at the chain, but if you are ever in Homestead, Florida stay away from Felix Camacho and the Best Western Hotel located at 411 South Krome Avenue. This guy doesn't care about his customers and he doesn't belong in charge.

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